Advocacy and inclusion 

 One of our advocates with a client

One of our advocates with a client

A key part of our social inclusion work is providing in-house general advocacy and advice to our clients, with the purpose of ensuring socially excluded individuals and communities can speak up and deal with their problems in the same way others can. We have advocated on behalf of individuals as well as communities as a whole.

Another key part of our social inclusion work is ensuring our client communities have access to legal advice on an equitable basis with the general population. We have established a small network of law firms who are well placed to meet the needs of our clients and accept referrals from us. When we make referrals to our partners, we usually continue our involvement with the case, including by aiding communication between the client and their legal representative and providing general client support during emotional cases.

The types of cases we take on often involve clients who have complex needs, for example in terms of communication impairments or serious mental health problems. Thus the standard routes to seek advice and assistance can be blocked off. Recent work has included securing the return of children to their families right through to arranging urgent housing for a victim of rape. Areas our team and partners are familiar with range from family work, prison issues and public law through to medical complaints, housing and debt.

More generally, the advancement of social inclusion also extends to our other work, for instance widening access to statutory services (see Health and Education page) and widening access to faith based provision (see Pastoral Care page).