Advocacy and Legal Referrals 

We facilitate access to legal support, aiming to ensure socially excluded individuals and communities have equal and fair access to the representation they need.  We identify and refer individuals and communities facing legal problems to firms that have the bespoke capability to support them.  

During the course of each case, we assist with communication between clients and their legal representatives, as well as helping with practical matters such as form filling and Legal Aid applications. This level of facilitation is particularly useful for our clients who invariably face extra challenges in accessing support due to factors such as being itinerant or having communication barriers, literacy issues and/or mental health difficulties. Our aim is to ensure that clients stay supported and engaged right through to the completion of their case.

We also have a record in facilitating access to more specialist legal representation or advice in complex cases, such as cases effecting whole communities and cases involving the death of a minor.  

Common areas of law/advocacy we deal with include domestic violence, child protection, child custody, family separation, eviction, housing, crime and debt.

We have four partner law firms and we also use other firms for more complex/specialist work.